Saturday, March 21, 2009

Welcome Spring!

We hope that you are all able to spend time this weekend enjoying the beautiful sunshine. Even with the unseasonably cool temperatures we have experienced we can all look forward to lush lawns and beautiful flowers as the days become warmer and we are able to enjoy springtime in New England! It is with great appreciation that we enter this season of new beginnings with the families in our Woodside community.

New beginnings often mark the ending of something that is familiar and comfortable. This is the time of year when families and children anticipate the transition from this school year to the summer and beyond. Many of the older children at Woodside have begun the Kindergarten registration process and all are aware that they will be moving on to a new classroom next year. Some children have been talking about these changes with their friends. We have reassured them that they will have many days to be with their friends at Woodside School before they move on to a new environment. Over the next weeks we will help the children stay present so that they are able to enjoy this time with their friends and teachers. As children all manage transitions and the emotions that come with those transitions differently we will provide support as they integrate all that they have learned including the following:

how to regulate their own emotions as well as how to relate to their peers.

to take turns and listen to their friends.

that friends have diverse ideas and that it is OK to have a different idea.

the importance of stopping when teachers call their name, listening to the information and then responding appropriately.

problem solving, critical thinking and communications skills.

We are thankful to have this time with your children and look forward to a wonderful spring together.

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